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fender-design is the immense growing department of the jacquard knitting company RENZ OHG. This department is specialized in the fabrication of naval textile products.

The company also produces jacquard knitted fabrics for clothing and decoration fabrics.

With electronic guided knitting machines samples requested by You can be made.


Our competitors use other methods to individualise textiles with logos or letterings e.g. emproidering, printing or flocking.
As these methodes are used ON the products after the textile is produced they can be destroyed very quickly and are  unrationell and unflexible.

fender-design knits you LOGO it INTO the textile while producing, what is unique in the wordlwide watersport branch.



The high tech knitting company ís located in the south of Germany. Albstadt is the ideal location to produce textile products for  aquatics:
- In the centre of the important
   European aquatic areas.
- In the centre of de German
   knitting  industry with an
   enormous know-  how in
   producing textiles. 

In Albstadt next to many textile companies the world biggest knitting machine manufacturer as well as the market leader of needles are located here.


The competent fender-design team execute Your orders with the highest attention.The complete production occurs in our factory in the Goethestrasse 84-86. Departments looking after Your order:

Order department
Design group
Quality control and shipping
Invoicing and administration


Ilona und Fritz Renz



Place your trust in us.

We are convinced by our products and really care about you.