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Fender Cover Configurator
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The fender cover configurator is a dialogue program, it shows You the way in six steps to Your favourite fender equipment.

1. Fender converter:      input type of fender, cover colour, name of the
                                    boat, font, colour of the lettering, position of the
                                    lettering, fabric quality, etc.

2. Size input:                   for cylinder shaped fender

3. Size input:                  for the fender pillows

4. Articles:                     overview of the various costs

5. Information:              address and payment terms, lead times, etc.

Next You can send the order and request and / or print an overview of Your order. You also can use the system as a try out without ordering. 

Attention: Please navigate only in the converter program with Your
                mouse and tabulator key. The return key will close the

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